Finding the Best Path…..

Strategic Planning
Our clients are responding to changing environment and need proven strategies to better position their organizations for long-term success.  Finding the best path requires decision-making in a host of areas – such as whether to remain independent, initiatives that work with payers and the exchanges, physician strategies such as PCMH, what you need to manage a population, ICD10/11 readiness and the optimizing the value of health information exchange  – among many other challenges. Our multidisciplinary team of experts will help guide decision to ensure organizational goals are met.

Widespread use of unsecured mobile devices in healthcare creates risks and vulnerabilities to the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI), yet manyhealth care organizations have yet to comprehensively address the issue.  We offer comprehensive privacy and security assessments.   We bridge the gap in compliance as updated federal health information privacy and security regulations require compliance, facilities must take comprehensive measures to identify and mitigate health information security and privacy risks and vulnerabilities.

Our goal is to help to manage the critical information interface between physician practices, ambulatory services, and inpatient programs. Our depth and breadth of experience in the complexities of Health IT within clinical settings allows us to chart a clear pathway and efficient direction for the full range of your Health IT and HIE needs.